View Full Version : New benq LCD strange white color

12-26-05, 05:29 PM
I just got new LCD BenQ FP71E, I noticed using DPT program white is not 100% white, the end of the screen, I can see some reddish and front of the screen there is some bluish.
there is no dead pixels and games are very good, just concerned about the white color, is that normal ?
check this picture

DPT prgram : http://rapidshare.de/files/9828865/DPT.rar.html

any comments ?

12-26-05, 06:00 PM
If the screen sits perfectly straight up infront of you (not angled), and you have a distance of at least 50cm from the screen, and you eyes are about the same height as the middle of the screen.... then the white should be equal everywhere, at least it is with my LCD. Now if I do move somewhat, or even get closer, the light source in the back of the LCD does seem to produce very soft shadow-like effect (its round around the edges of the of the LCD). It is a little like in your photo, but itīs not blue though, but rather grayish.

If that effect of yours is always somewhat visible, no matter if you sit rather close, or further away, or even when you change the angle of the screen, then I think it it might be an issue with the background light source or the angle of the crystals in the areas that show these colors.