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12-27-05, 03:55 PM
I'm trying to decide wether or not to upgrade my GPU. I have an XFX 6600GT AGP right now and have been looking at all the possiblilites. I don't want to spend more then $200-$225 US.

some of the offers I've seen but can't decide what's the biggest improvement/best price for an upgrade.

Sapphire X800 Pro VIVO OEM (16pipe currenty, unlocks to XT PE

BFG GeForce™ 6800 OC 128MB AGP, able to be unlocked with RivaTuner to 16 pipes (140 shipped)

Leadtek A400 128mb Nvidia 6800 $130

Leadtek 6800nu w/ Arctic Silencer. Unlocks for me but YMMV. I first overclocked, then unlocked shader, then pipes if the order matters to you. I ran it stable at 402mhz core clock and 802mhz memory. That core clock speed is 2 mhz above the ultra! Great card, comes with all accessories that it shipped retail with expect Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell (Still has Big Mutha Truckers and Gunmetal). OC was done with coolbits, unlock with rivatuner. So you're getting the cooler, card, and 2 games for...

$165 shipped

1 Leadtek 6800GT AGP. Comes with all games as included in the box (Prince of Persia 2, Tomb Raider). Includes original driver, utilities disk, VGA-DVI converter and molex splitter. BIOS has been modded to stock speeds of 400/1100. $215

BRAND NEW BFG Tech 6800gt AGP with the Rev.2 Cooler. Had mine at 450/1.18 on the stock cooler and 465/1.22 on water. Youll get the origional box and all the contents. Im asking $210

MSI 6800 GT AGP with Zalman VF700-CU cooler. Asking price: $200

Gigabyte ATI X800 XT VIVO (labeled as pro but came with all 16 pipes)
It easily clocks to 500/500 and higher but I have never gone higher.
The Heatsink on it is better than the standard ATI heatsink in that it also covers the RAM chips. I still have the box, cd's and all of the cables for this including the VIVO cables for Video In/ Video Out.
I am asking $200 for this. It still sells for more. It is basically an XT with VIVO. Worth more than a typical Pro.



12-27-05, 04:05 PM
i'd say the ATI X800 XT would be the best deal, however since it's not the real XT, i don't know if i'd go for it, i'd probably get the MSI 6800 GT, because i know the VF-700 is a great cooler, either that or the leadtek, the BFG would be nice too since it's brand new, it's up to you, but basically a 6800 GT would be your best bet at a good quality card, i don't trust the X800 Pro's that have been unlocked to XT