View Full Version : Conflicting info: Do 7800GT fans run slower in 2-D or not?

12-27-05, 10:14 PM
I've been reading reviews on newegg and a lot of poeple are complaining that the fan runs at 100% all the time, yet others have remarked about how quiet the card is. Whats the deal? What does yourr card do?

12-27-05, 11:40 PM
My GTs fan runs at 27% in 2D mode and at 43% in 3D mode. Its pretty quiet.

Using Rivatuner I tried the fan at 100% and it was extremely loud, but under normal usage and overclocking I'd see no reason to run it that high.

12-28-05, 04:28 AM
My GTs fan runs at 27% in 2D mode and at 43% in 3D mode. Its pretty quiet.
Same here. Some GF7800GT seem to have the problem that fan runs always at 100%. It's not even a BIOS issue, one of the guys having one of those cards tried my BIOS and it didn't fix it. It seems to be a hardware issue.

12-28-05, 09:36 PM
On my EVGA 7800GT CO,in the bios it says it run 43 percent all the time,so I really don't know what it is running but my card stays cool what ever it is running it stays at 36c at idle.

12-29-05, 02:51 PM
My leadtek 7800GT is whisper quite compared to my old ATI X800 XTPE. My idle temps are only 35c and even under load get to 49c max.

The speed of my card throttles down to only 9mhz in 2d (according to Leadtek utilities). When switching to 3d it does make a noticable noise for 3 to 4 secs and then settles down.

Even my wife has remarked how quite the PC is now.


01-22-06, 07:46 PM
I can confirm that after returning two BFG 7800GT's (I run SLI), that there is some hardware problem with BFG cards, as both eventually went back to running at "wide open throttle". I've tried everything, up to and including reinstalling windows from scratch, putting the cards in different slots, etc.

The only thing that fixes the problem is to...return the card and get a new one, which will then work properly (ie spin down in 2d mode) for some variable amount of time before it goes back to running the fan at 100%.

Now, before you blast me with a bunch of "maybe it's supposed to do that" crap, let me teel you that Ntune shows both GPU's running at 43C - hardly roasting. Also, If I stop the fan on one of the cards, the temp barely nudges, which shows that the fan going that fast is totally unnecessary (never mind the fact that it worked p[reoperly when first installed).

Anyway, I think BFG at least has a real problem here. I'm just going to keep returning them to Best Buy until I get a decent pair :-):thumbdwn:

01-22-06, 07:57 PM
Have an eVGA 7800GT CO SE, and it is very very quiet in 2D mode, MUCH quieter than the 6800GT i had before. When playin games, it will spin up as temps rise, then spin back down once it cools. It's a bit loud when spinning up, but still, quieter than the 6800GT.

01-22-06, 08:27 PM
I've had 4 XFX 7800GT's now, and they most definately do not slow down in 2D modes or low temp conditions.....they screamed at 100% all the time