View Full Version : Mobo with AGP and PCI-E slots?

12-27-05, 10:34 PM
Is there any out there besides the ASRock 775DUAL-880PRO?

The AGP performance is bad on the ASrock but
other than that it's a good mobo for the money.

I would like to have a board that has both slots
but does not suffer on AGP performance.

Any out there?
Or has asrock fixed these issuses?
All the reviews are from Aug 15th. I wonder if
an updated bios or drivers have fixed this?
Anyone here running one?

I'm looking to build a dual core P-820D rig for bottom $.
I can get the CPU and MOBO for 300 bucks.
It's a lot of bang for the buck. I have a 6800U videocard
I want to use so I need a AGP slot.

12-27-05, 10:57 PM
not that I know of, I think thats the only one.

12-27-05, 11:09 PM
Thanx for the reply.

From what I've been reading it's a kickass
little mobo for the $.
Heck I can even use my 478 pin P4 if I want to in it. "lol"

I just need to find out if the agp performance problems
were ever fixed. I wonder who I should check with on it?
I know there have been many bios and driver updates
since they come out in Aug.

Any idea's?