View Full Version : I want your opinion on PDZ :)

12-28-05, 05:56 AM
Indeed I do. Perfect Dark Zero has been received very badly by the danish press, scoring 6/10 by Gamereactor, 7/10 at Boomtown and even 5/10 at the independent gamingsite Daily Rush, taking some heavy hits about sloppy graphics, overshiningly textures, lousy AI, dull plot and generally boring singleplayer gameplay. Multiplayer helps a bit on the score, they say, but still not enough it would seem.

I am just getting so contradictory reports on this game. I just reada very positive review (http://www.talkxbox.com/review745.html) saying things like "Perfect Dark Zero is the game to get for the Xbox 360. From the fantastic gameplay to the gorgeous graphics to the incredible amount of replay value, every gamer should experience this game. It features every multiplayer option you could want, and the feature list reads like a multiplayer gamerís wet dream."


What do you say? (snowman)

12-28-05, 06:17 AM
well im from denmark too :) And i like the game. It is very fun in MP and the SP it also pretty good. The gfx i nice on a HDTV :)

12-28-05, 06:41 AM
Yep PDZ is a nice game, little bit too short though... The graphics are really good except for minor parts! It's definately worth buying! :) The mp is, well very similar to Halo Mp, so it's not counter-strike but still good for an xbox mp..

12-29-05, 03:51 PM
I liked perfect dark quite a bit. The single player does get old pretty quickly but the multiplayer is very well done it has all the standard modes and then some. It s very fun to play. The only issue I have with and this is probably just me, but its the control (this is NOT a KBM issue) I just found the control in Call of duty 2 much smoother than in PDZ. If you looking for a great multiplayer game for you and your friends I suggest you buy it. :)