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12-29-05, 01:52 PM
Okay, bare with me im a noob @ first build. There these little pointy metal bendy things on my p-160 where the mic-in, usb ports, and stuff go. I can get my mobo in there i think, but i dont want to break it or the point things...What do i do? just cut them? lol. Not sure what to do, and we don't have our digital cam yet.

hope u guys can help.

12-29-05, 01:58 PM
What point things? You mean the things over the lan and stuff? You just bend them up so the board can fit in.

12-29-05, 02:01 PM
Yeah, in the back (antec case has a mobo tray). lol sry im so dumb

thanks, ill try it

12-29-05, 02:15 PM
yes this works but the slot where the monitor is wont line up if the motherboard is in all the way. I'm really pissed now, as I'm sure there really isn't a way around this...I don't think im doing anything wrong. Anybody he have their eVGA mobo in an antec case?

12-29-05, 02:26 PM
Should be no problem as the P-160 is an ATX case and your motherboard is an ATX.
By lining up you mean your graphics card does not line up with the case slot when installed on the motherboard? The case slots are purposely offset to comply with the graphics card mounting bracket.

12-29-05, 02:44 PM
Ok forget what i have posted recently, i was getting things mixed and i was just frustrated. What I mean is the printer and usb ports (that stuff) does not match with the motherboard tray slots on the northwest side (is this okay?). I haven't installed anything else yet, so I don't know yet if the graphics card matches up correctly.

12-29-05, 03:08 PM
OK, you need to use the (forgot the name) plate that came with the motherboard as it is cut specifically for giving connecting access to USB, LAN, speaker, printer, ports. Check this plate/panel (usually of very thin metal with the tabs sticking out as you mentioned) and see if it lines up correctly with the (USB, etc.) ports on the motherboard. If it is installed in the case remove it so you can make sure the cut-outs match the motherboard (USB etc.) ports.

Also, use the motherboard mounting stanctions that came with the P-160 as they are of the correct height/size for mounting the mobo correctly in the case.

12-29-05, 03:14 PM
Wow thanks for your help, so should i replace the plate on my mobo tray with the one that does work(one that came with mobo)?

12-29-05, 03:28 PM
Yes you should.

You gently remove it buy prying it out (I usually knock it out with the back of my screwdriver). The one that came with your motherboard should fit right in...once again I usually use the back of my screwdriver.

12-29-05, 03:30 PM
The one that came with your motherboard is the correct one. It is just a 2 inch x 6.5 inch light metal stamped plate cut out specifically for the orientation of the USB, printer port, etc., connections of the motherboard you have.

Edit: Thanks rev., sorry for running over your post. :D

12-29-05, 04:02 PM
Lol after quite a while i finally have the mobo in, thanks to you guys. I never saw the I/O panel anywhere in the box but it was hidden under the HDD cable..

This place is the best for noobs like me. Special thanks to jakup, rytr and rev...Yeah i pryed it out, and i was like oh crap i broke it! lol....thanks guys again!

(xmassign) Of coruse ill be here for more help...

UPDATE: Alright, got the motherboard in, graphics card in, going to put the ram in now, and im done for the day, will finish 2morrow. Thanks again guys :luv:

12-30-05, 05:57 PM
Might as well post here because it is sort of about my motherboard.

Okay guys, I'm basically finished with my first build. Yay, and thanks so far for your help. I'm finishing up installing my CD-ROM drive and hard drive(only 2 drives ill be using, for now). So, I have the HDD cables/IDE that came with the eVGA mobo, and I plugged the blue one into blue/1 IDE port(guess thats what you call it) but I don't know where to go from there because there's no where to plug it into my HD. If there is no where to connect to my hard drive, what do i do. If I just connect the sata cable to sata 1, is my hard drive automatically set to be the master for IDE 1? I'm confused. BTW, what are FDD cables?

Thanks in advance.

12-30-05, 06:50 PM
SATA are set as long as they are plgged in and enabled in BIOS (no need for setting as Master). FDD = floppy disk drive :)

12-30-05, 07:38 PM
SATA are set as long as they are plgged in and enabled in BIOS (no need for setting as Master). FDD = floppy disk drive :)
Hehe, thanks for the clarification. So, how do I go about plugging in my CD-ROM drive, do I use one of the HDD cables that came with the mobo and plug it into the second IDE channel or the first?

After this, just gotta take my psu out of this comp, and put it in the new one

12-30-05, 09:25 PM
I plug mine into IDE#2 one (I have to optical drives) as Master and one As slave (on the same cable)...I use IDE #1 for an IDE storage drive.

So di IDE 2 and set as Master on the top-most port of the cable.

12-30-05, 09:55 PM
I appreciate your patience with me man...These will be the last of my last questions for the night heh...

Alright, I installed the cd-rom drive, which was a bizzitch because i wasn't reading the antec manual right for my case, and kept trying to get the drive rails on the drive bay, rofl, instead of the actual cd-rom device...Then, without thinking, I put the drive rails on the upper part of the drive instead of the lower part. God...So then i finally got the drive in and cleaned up and went out to dinner. Anyhow, i installed the drive in the top slot, and the HDD cable has 3 of those rectangle connectors for the pins to go in to, and I was wondering, since the drive is a little far away from the IDE ports on my motherboard, will it still work if the colors don't coordinate with eachother (i.e. blue connector in the white, second IDE port.) Cuz I don't want to have to move the drive to a lower bay because with my small 13 year old hands, belive it or not meh, its hard to remove the drive. Also, will the CD-ROM drive automatically run as the master of IDE 2 if it is the only optical drive. Damn, one more question, do I need to use the eVGA RAID floppy drive disk if im only using 1 hard drive?

Have to come to nvnews for all my help, everyone else in my family is computer illiterate, but I'm doin pretty good for my age.
Thanks you so much guys

12-30-05, 10:57 PM
I think the SATA drivers are on that disk. So, yes, when loading XP hit F6 to load the drivers.

As for your optical drive the blue connector on the cable goes to the IDE connection on the motherboard and the connector on the very end of the cable should go to your optical drive. The second connector, or the one in the middle of the cable is for a secondary drive or slave on that IDE connection. This is the only connection you should have to IDE 0 or IDE 1 on the motherboard if you are using only one optical drive. The Seagate HDD is a SATA drive and will connect to one of the SATA connections on the motherboard using a SATA cable.

12-30-05, 11:15 PM
Damn, guess i will be needing to get a floppy drive, not sure if i should go internal or external..probably external so the rest of the family can use it. Thank you for your time and help, ill go connect that now.

12-30-05, 11:28 PM
The FDD, floppy drive, has it's own connection on the motherboard. Either external or internal will be available for everyone to use because it will be connected only to this pc. Internal are cheaper and your case has a bay for mounting the floppy with access like your optical drive.

12-30-05, 11:31 PM

i might just do that and get a cd burner in the future so people can open up their files and burn them and take them to their computers...yeah some of the internals are olny $10.00

i knew that it had its own connection on the mobo, and there is two 3.5" mounting bays, so i wouldn't have any problem. I really like this case and mobo. There is so much room in the P-160/180's. Even though I dont have the PSU in yet, I have like no wires anywhere because the motherboard and case are very well set up. I'm going to try to keep most of my wires out of the way to keep my PC still looking empty as it is now when you look through the window. Whenever i touch this case(i know it is not on and will obviously get hotter) it is literally freezing lol. I'm impressed by eVGA's motherboard so far, all the installation was a breeze.

I'd like to get my floppy drive as soon as possible, because I'm dying to boot this baby. I will check out Best Buy, if i dont find anything appealing, I will just go to newegg, as they always get my products to me in 1 day tops, unless its shipping from NJ.

Again, I appreciate your time.

12-30-05, 11:40 PM

i might just do that and get a cd burner in the future so people can open up their files and burn them and take them to their computers...yeah some of the internals areo lny $10.00

FDDs are on the way out but still of use as you will need one to load the SATA drivers from the floppy disk.
The CD drive you have is all you need at the present but if you want to burn CDs you will need a 'burner'. Might want to consider getting a DVD burner as it will play and burn DVDs as well as burn and play CDs. Such drives run around $40 on-line with brands such as NEC and LiteOn.

12-30-05, 11:48 PM
Thanks for the recommendation. Do the DVD/CD-ROM writeable drives sell for around the same price as just the original CD burner, or do they cost a tad more? I don't think I would find much use for a rewriteable dvd drive because i have never watched a dvd on my system and probably never will.

Happy holidays

EDIT: Gonna pick up a cheap $25 Dynex internal floppy tomorrow.

12-30-05, 11:56 PM
You don't necessarily need a DVD drive, however, don't buy any games that come on a DVD just buy the game on CDs...usually 3-5 CDs nowadays.
As I mentioned earlier you can buy them on-line for around $40. Don't know the pricing on the CD/RWs as I don't use them anymore and don't keep up with the pricing but they should be around $20-25 I would guess.

The first CD/RW I bought was around $200, but that was a while back. (xmasgrin)

12-31-05, 12:03 AM
$200 (omg) lol. Well, you got me thinking, you are probably right. I do need to get a dvd rom or i will be screwed with some of the games i already own that are dvd's. I wonder if i could take the dell dvd/cd rom and burner out of this comp and put it in the new one. Not sure because gay dell makes their stuff all custom and it may have different pins and connections and stuff, who knows. I will look at it tomorrow. (xmassign)

EDIT: Oops nevermind i got my terms all mixed up hehe, my drive is a dvd/cd-rom just not one that can burn those types of discs. But possibly i could salvage the drive from my dell, just maybe.

12-31-05, 05:30 PM
Alright installed the floppy and stuff, and switched my 7800gt to pci-e 16, lol, i had it in one of the SLi slots. Also, mounted my PSU. Was about to plug everything in and i realized the little wires for my LCD temp display on the front panel, so i decided to sort all that out first. I finished plugging everything into their tiny pins(that was a b!tch (whine)). The part im perxpled with is the temperature sensors. All the antec p-160wf manual says is: connect the two 26" long temperature sensors to perferably the motherboard and hard drive. I'm guessing those are the two wires that have this little orange tube on them, because all the other things i have connected. How do i plug these into my hardrive and motherboard? (snowman)