View Full Version : Right iv got a big decsion to make and any help would be great.

12-31-05, 01:18 PM
OK well iv just recently sold my Pentium 4 650 CPU for 155 approx $280. I also dont have a gfx card and iv been wondering as of late what i should get to replace both of these parts.

I want to get an Intel CPU preferably dual core, but i dont know if now is a good time to buy as intel is going to release there new dual cores using 65nm, which in turn could cause the other dual core Pentium D's to plummit in price.

As for the GFX card iv been givin an offer for a 7800 gtx 256 Evga for 240 approx $400. But again i dont know if i should get one as i had the oppertunity to get a X1800XT for $440 a while back and clearly it is better. Also with the R580 on the way that may cause the value of the x1800 xt and 7800 gtx 256 to plummit in price again, plus be miles better in terms of performance.

Oh its all so confusing, to buy or not to buy? What would you guys do if you were in my seat.

Thanks in advance for your help (cheers)

12-31-05, 01:22 PM
I would wait a month for the R580/G71. Both of them will be much faster than anything available now.

12-31-05, 01:40 PM
What about G80? What will the G71 have to offer and update?

12-31-05, 01:52 PM
i would get a 6800 gs, great price perfomance ratio 200 bucks for 6000+ in 3d mark, and that one guy in overclocking forum has them up over 8k , then i would wait till the next gen of cards come out, because idk what your running but it should be enought for pretty much every game out there<Br> at full or almost full (4aa for example instead of 8aa)(rudolf)

12-31-05, 02:05 PM
I am reviewing a 6800 GS and I would agree that it is a good card for the money. However, the thread-starter seems more set on ATI and Intel and for those it would probably be best to wait.

I very seldom recommend waiting but that is what I am having to do on Intel as my 3.4E performs close to what is presently available. Upgrading now would not do much more than lightening my wallet. (xmasgrin)

12-31-05, 02:55 PM
i guess what i said does sound a little sided towards ati, but thats only becuase there card is cheaper than the 7800 gtx 512 and has some nice technology features involving aa and HDR. But i really dont mind what company i go with as i find that Nvidia also have some strengths where it comes to shader model 3 plus sli.

But an intel CPU is essential, (i love DDR 2 and my MSI P4N diamond board) and dual core by the looks of things is going to be more reality in the future (ie Quake 4).