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12-31-05, 03:56 PM
I recently purchased a Viewsonic VP930b - for a little less than a month everything was fine using the DVI output of my PNY 5900 ultra card..then one evening it reported no DVI signal...swapped cords, even bought a new BFG 6800 GT OC 256 AGP (which i was going to do anyway since i am trying to have this computer last a while longer before i build another one)..yet nothing - the D-sub1 and D-sub 2 work fine - even if powered by the DVI port using a DVI-VGA adaptor...uninstalled the monitor and downgraded to earlier Nvidia drivers...now back to using 81.84....

I see from other posts that others are having similar problems - now this monitor did work for about 25 days in the digital mode...

Has anyone come up with a solution??...(I have requested a new monitor from Viewsonic as a replacement - )...i don't have another DVI capable computer to try the monitor out on...

01-09-06, 07:54 PM
The web citations are below - much of this was originally posted on DELL forum webb pages - Please note what Jeff says below - this worked for my Viewsonic LC Monitor - cannot guarantee what it might do to yours so it ain't our fault (or Jeff;s)....in any event, the other posts do explain what has happened and why - so if you are going to try this..make sure you keep the floppie handy - it probably will happen again if you switch connections or videocards....so who was know that all hardware was beta too??....

below from Jeff's webpage and where to get .zip file - very interesting doesn't seem to be posted anywhere else!!...

As of today, 03 May 04, Dell has closed the discussion forum regarding the DVI power save problem from further posts. They have an official FAQ addressing the issue here.

Their official fix is the DVI Recover utility, which they have mode available by contacting them. For thos not interested in waiting, here it is. The zip file contains the floppy and CD versions. the instructions are available in their official FAQ.


If you have questions, concerns, or comments about this page or the utility, please contact Dell.

This utility is hosted for the benefit of other members of the DellTalk Forums. Jeffgeiger.com, Jeff Geiger, nor any associates or partners accept any responsibility for damages that may result from using this. In a nutshell, don't sue me. Thanks.





and for a really good explanation....


anyway - I downloaded the .zip file - created the bootable floppy using the .exe program and a blank diskette, closed the computer down, rebooted with the floppy in - black screen, of course, in dvi mode, waited 5 minutes, took disk out, rebooted Ėand voila - my ASUS Motherboard screen was there and everything is perfect!!....I let viewsonic know they didnít have to send me a new one....I like this one!!..:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

01-10-06, 12:40 AM
Interesting. This might be helpful for the people working on the direct access problems as well.
It's slightly different since some problems were with analog CRTs but it proves that a buggy driver can corrupt the EDID anyway.

The only thing I could think of was that your monitor was borked and usually that means repair/replacement, but now there's hope in home repair atleast, using only software too.

01-10-06, 10:07 PM
I always prefer self-help, provided i don't screw things up....

At the end, I ran across this web page...http://www.geocities.com/jgeneedid/

which i really do recommend...a small portion of the web page is devoted to the problem.."Origin of the EDID Writing Software"

The EDID Writing software that this article uses can trace its roots to the DVI_Recover utility that was created by nVIDIA for Dell users who were experiencing monitor failures when using the DVI port. Approximately a year ago there was an issue that caused the EDID of the host monitor to become corrupted and would effectively prevent the monitor from exiting the Power-Save state. The DVI_Recover utility restores the old EDID and replaces the corrupted one. Once finished it flips a bit to make the EDID write-protected.

Not to sure about the last sentence - but if it protects the EDID from getting accidently re-written - that is good...

Now for the piece de resistance - (that's french for some really good stuff)...if you download the EDID reader from Viewsonic (funny they didn't mention it)....you can get your EDID - make a copy for future use - or change it - at your own risk, of course, so the monitor will accept - maybe - different resolutions and frequency....

the first 8 bytes of my 128 bit hexadecimal code (whew) is


the rest goes to describe the maker, when made, resolutions, colors, etc.
what phase of the moon our planet was in when the monitor was made (just kidding)....

it just amazes me how much good information there is out there if you can look hard enought to find it....