View Full Version : FEAR, SLI and V-Sync: What is the secret handshake to get it to work?

12-31-05, 04:34 PM
I mean, really, I have tried every tweak suggested, from nhancer forcing SFR to DXTweaker to sacrificing a bucket of chicken.

12-31-05, 05:09 PM
Do you have the latest nV drivers?

01-01-06, 07:26 AM

01-01-06, 07:35 AM
The only way I have got that to work, you can use SFR mode with DXTweaker,..... AFR mode works if you delete the built in FEAR profile from nvapps.xml , and then create a new one inwhich you can play about in nHancer with. But the built in profiles seem adament on disabling VSync , which is a shame. I'm currently trying to get Triple Buffering working with SLI in this game with DXTweaker, beta testing and all that.