View Full Version : ATA100 with ATA133

12-31-05, 11:00 PM
Along with my SATAs, I currently have 1 ATA100 HD connected with an 80 pin cable. I have been wanting to buy another ATA133 HD to connect using the same cable in a master/slave configuration. I found the following discussion about the cable:

The early specifications defined the data cable as a normal 40 pin ribbon cable with a 40 pin IDC connector. The latest standard(s) define the same 40 pin connector, but have increased the ribbon to 80 pins - the additional 40 pins being dedicated to ground pins. Data transfers are made at either 8 or 16 bits.

The question is, if the ATA100 HD is using 40 of the pins as grounds, is it possible to make this configuration work with an ATA133 which uses all 80 pins?