View Full Version : does the X-fi help with HL2 stutter

01-01-06, 06:37 PM
I was curious if the X-fi high end models (Fatal1ty and Elite pro) were helping at all with the half life 2 stuttering. Before you go telling how to edit the .ini and do everything else to that end including going single vid card, I have tried and nothing got better.

01-01-06, 06:43 PM
Didn't help for me. Still stutters. Engine is **** and they aren't gonna bother to take the time to address it or fix it. Move on to better and bigger things like fear and quake 4. =)

Such ashame, waited so long for it and it ends up being a buggy pos.

EDIT: Might want to move this to the source engine section.

01-01-06, 07:13 PM
didn't see the source forum. sorry. I haven't tried playing since I got stuttering a long time ago. I was just seeing if it was worth while trying again. I am playing serious sam 2 right now.

01-01-06, 08:26 PM
Anything is worth playing over serious sam 2. :bleh:

01-01-06, 11:09 PM
Anything is worth playing over serious sam 2. :bleh:

I like Serious Sam 2. http://forums.raiden.net/images/smiles/doubt.gif