View Full Version : random sporadic 3D acceleration freezing?

01-02-06, 12:40 AM
It'll be fine for days and it still occasionally freezes in the middle of a 3D game, not a particularly hard or intensive scene or anything, the hardware cursor will still be moveable but the 3d image is frozen.

i can often hear the sound of the game still going on.

i can -slowly- alt-tab out of it and end the task. when i start the game up again (World of Warcraft in this case) it tells me 3D acceleration failed to load.

No rhyme or reason seemingly.

Also happens in Quake IV, the only other game I am currently playing.

Anyone else get this? eVGA 7800GT, Seasonic S12 PSU, temps are okay, GPU temps are 45-50 idle, 70C load.

01-02-06, 12:42 AM
81.98 Forceware drivers
Nvidia nForce 430 chipset matx Motherboard