View Full Version : Clan arena and other mod files?

01-02-06, 02:36 AM
Finding mods for quake 4 is proving to be more challenging then the previous versions of the game. I see some clan arena servers running but I can't find the mod to download, and the servers just tell me Iím missing files when I try to connect. Anyone know where I can get the clan arena files, or a good place to get other mods.

01-03-06, 09:51 AM
you need q4max .71


very nice mod, until ra4 comes out.. has made quake4 much more enjoyable. also, it has some nice cvar's like

r_vertexlight 1 (now i finally get constant 60fps)
cg_enemycolor ### ### ### (uses the same format as ra3, use the rgb color codes.) this stuff should be documented on their site.