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01-03-06, 08:31 PM
Alright, heres the scoop...

I tried to put more RAM in that is DDR333, and later realized it won't boot with my other gig of PC3200, so i took it out. So, my PC booted, and then i just pulled the plug because my mintor and other stuff was connected and i couldn't shut it off any other way. Then, i try to plug it back in and put it in my desk, but no cigar. Should i clear the CMOS? I don't think it is a PSU issue. Not sure what else to do...Really aggravating, and i need to get on that pc soon.

Need help ASAP, thanks in advance.

01-03-06, 08:33 PM
Clear the CMOS, pull the plug out the wall, pull the CMOS battery out, then pop it back in.

That should do the trick.

01-03-06, 08:52 PM

alrighti m clearing the CMOS (finally found out how) then ill pull the battery out, etc. hope it works

sorry im a newbie

01-03-06, 09:15 PM
Ok...I switched the RAM, as in i just flip flopped them from their positions. Then I cleared the CMOS, pulled the power cord out, shorted pins 2 and 3 together, took the battery out then back in. Put the CMOS pins 1 and 2 back together, and then pushed the power button, and everything went on for a couple seconds. Man, i shouldn't even have messed with the old RAM, all was working fine.

I will try again in about an hour, got to go eat.

01-03-06, 09:46 PM
bump..stills powers on for a second, then shuts off, need help

update: fiinally successfully booted, buth ad no monitor or periphreals up so i mnot sure how it exactly wen't. ill hook the pc up to everything in a bit and see if it works. thanks again jakup. have fun at ur job (xmasgrin)