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01-14-03, 10:54 AM
I just built a computer and i go to turn and it powers up but the power button on the front panel doesn't work and the hard drive just sits there like it is not spinning. What should i do?

I have
Gainward Geforce Ti200
SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 Dobly Digital
Western Digital 40GB HDD

01-14-03, 11:10 AM
What mobo and size power supply are you using?

01-14-03, 03:13 PM
Aopen AK75 and a 300W ps

01-14-03, 03:45 PM
First off, go through the mobo manual an ensure that you have the correct cables going to the proper headers ( ie: pins 1-2 get the HD LED cable, etc... )

Here is my disaster-relief strategy when I run into problems such as this...and it's worked 95% of the time...

First, remove the CMOS battery...Stick that to the side until we're finished...You can also short the CMOS jumper ( in addition ) if that is one of your habits..just be sure to put the jumper back int he right position before you power things back on!

Remove all of the components in your system...memory, HD tray, graphics card, etc....

From scratch, install only the CPU, memory, and graphics card...No HD, sound card, etc. should be installed.

Once everything is installed, throw that battery back in...

With any luck, you'll post the BIOS and be able to navigate through the options...

Well...if that works, you know the drill....Throw everything else back in and count your good fortune...

If you're daring...pop the heatsink off and take a look at the processor die ( the tiny sqaure on teh face of the CPU ). Wipe away any thermal past and look around the edges for chips...Often times, a dead CPU exhibits the same behavior you're mentioning... :(

If this doesn't work....post back here and let us know what happened.

Good luck!