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01-05-06, 12:03 PM
I am currently looking for a Thin and Light notebook. I am going to be using it for traveling and such. my main preferences are less than 5 pounds or so, and good battery life. i would prefer a pentium m or celeron m or amd turion. i have poked around the web and found a few good deals but now i'm tossing it out to fellow nvnews-ers. help a military member out?

01-05-06, 12:34 PM
IBM T-42 or a variant. Avoid R-XX series.

01-05-06, 12:52 PM
Dell D610. 1.73ghz 133fsb (not the 100mhz fsb pin-moddable proc), 512mb ddr2, 40gb 5400rpm hdd, removeable devices that are included:fdd, cdrom, secondary battery, ATI X300 video, wifi, and 14" XGA.

I'm looking to get around $550 obo for it. I'm also willing to do partial trades for desktop components. Easiest ways to contact me are email me at MjGMzda626@sbcglobal.net or catch me on aim Mr IsLaNdBoY829. My heatware and ebay feedback are the same as my handle, Gaffney982.

01-05-06, 01:44 PM
its mine; this just made my whole day