View Full Version : Turning up the pcie Clock on a 7800

01-06-06, 07:59 AM
I see that the PCIe can be clocked up to 140 ,does it give you any more performance turning up the clock on the 7800 ,I know it did'nt really do nothing on the agp card ,but I was wondering if the Pci was any different ,I have'nt heard anyone talk about it

01-06-06, 08:06 AM
To be honest, I have done this before just to try it out and it made no difference whatsoever.

01-06-06, 08:38 AM
Since moving from AGP to PCI-E doesnt really show much realworld benefits despite the massive bandwidth increase and dedicated fullduplex bus, futher increasing the speed of the bus shouldnt really do anything except "potentially" cause problems..
clocking AGP never gave anything but headaches AFAIK, hence the "must have" status on the PCI lock when it started showing up in the day