View Full Version : New 7800 GTX trouble- RMA or fixable?

01-06-06, 09:42 AM
After installing a new 7800 gtx I am experiencing some odd artifacting. I am running on a freshly installed copy of Windows XP, so there are no residual drivers from my last card. I have the card plugged into a pci-e power cable right from the powersupply.

Other hardware if it matters: DFI Lanparty nF4 Ultra-D
Gateway FPD2185W (native res: 1680x1050 -- widescreen)
Antec TruePower 2.0 480W

I am getting very minor artifacting on my desktop, and in COD2 (only game I have reinstalled at this point). Flashing greenish pixel looking things mostly, only a handful on the desktop, 15 or so, more in COD2.

If I browse the net, everything looks fine, not a hint of artifacting on the actual web pages, but there is a flicker or two in the menu bars of FireFox. Microsoft Word looks as clean as can be, nothing abnormal. This is what is perplexing to me -- it is not happening everywhere.

Just messing around, I noticed the artifacting disappears if I set my desktop to 1024x768, and the same in COD2 -- everything looks fine other than the crappy low resolution.

The Gateway monitor doesn't come with a driver (none on their website either). I made a custom driver with powerstrip, but it hasn't made a difference. The monitor worked fine on my last card (ati 800XL) so I do not think it is the problem.

The artifacting shows up right away at boot up, so I don't think it would be heat?

Any ideas or thoughts about how to resolve this aside from RMA'ing the card (which is fine if I have to, but I'd rather try to get things going)

Thanks for any insights.

01-06-06, 10:15 AM
RMA the card. It sounds like a RAMDAC issue since it's fine at lower resolution. Are you using the DVI or D-Sub? I don't really think it matters, but on my FPD2185W I am using the DVI and I don't have any of those issues.

A troubleshooting idea: underclock the GPU and VRAM and see if it corrects the problem. Either way, I'd send the card back if it were me.

01-06-06, 10:23 AM
Yeah, I'm using a dvi-d cable.

Installed FEAR and its the same thing, fine at 1024x768, not fine as I go to higher resolutions. Little green pixelies abound.

I tried underclocking to 430 and 1.2 earlier (shipped at 450 and 1.25), but it made no difference.

The store I got it from has no more instock or else they would swap it. Going to try some different driver sets to see if anything is different between them, otherwise RMA it is I guess. BAH :(

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.


For what its worth, I updated to a newer MB bios and it seems to have cleared it up. In doing so, my CPU and RAM is clocked back to normal speeds, so I'm not sure if its the new bios or the CPU/RAM being clocked back to default that did it.


Well, it came back after about an hour, same problems. Don't know what else to try so I'll RMA it.