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01-08-06, 06:59 PM
Hey I had some pictures that i...deleted. They were from my brother's graduation and hadn't been touched for a year so i decided to get rid of them. Is there something i can do to get them back, or will i have to just face my mom 1 on 1 and elt her yell her ass off at me? :p

01-08-06, 07:07 PM
I use Restorer 2000 Professional. It doesn't work for everything, especially if the data was a few directories deep or if that area has been overwritten numerous times...but hey, its worth a shot.

The catch is that it costs like...I forget...$20 or so. I know I thought it was well worth it at the time.

01-08-06, 07:12 PM
it was jsut a picture folder underr My Documents/My Pictures. I may have thrown it somewhere in My Documents, well, i hope to god i did. It is on my Dell which is currently dormant except when i need to plug it in to get some files. I'll boot it up later, im too tired today. Otherwise, ill look into that software. thanks

any other suggestions welcome

01-09-06, 08:00 AM
Just a short while back, I accidently quick formated a hd (it is a usb-backup hd). I was in the process of house cleaning my comp, I have 3 working hd's installed, 2 usb bkup hd's & a couple extra bkup ATA hd's. I compose music and have one hd that has nothing but my music material. Well, I was trying to convert all my hd's to NTFS from Fat32, and in the process, Windows changed my drive letters, and while watching tv, I accidently quick formatted the wrong drive, loosing 5+ years of work\songs. Needless to say, I "FLIPPED".
Anyway, in my quest, to find a program to get my stuff back, I tried a lot of freeware programs. Some worked great finding my data, but wouldn't restore it (cause it's freeware). I tried reading any\all writeups on restoration utilities-it didn't help- their ALL "the best" (naturally). I ended up buying SEARCH & RECOVER 3 (50 BUCKS) cause, on the box, it said & gave reasons why "it is the best". Well it was BS! It didn't even show ANY files after doing a 8 hr "low level" scan overnight. I took it back to CompUSA (after having it for only 9 - 10 hrs) and had to SCREAM to get my money back after I showed them DEFINITE PROOF that the software was a totally useless P.O.S.! I asked nearly EVERY person at their store if they had any experience with that software, or if they knew anything that would work. As always, the people working there, were no help WHATSOEVER, except they could TRY to restore the hd with a "top secret" method that would cost me $175.

I finally found an awesome piece of software through another guy called ONTRACK - EASY RECOVERY PROFESSIONAL. It worked like a champ, and in less than an hr, I had my files back. Halllalueua !!!


Check this out too, it's brand new- it's freeware - can't say it will definitly work, but maybe it will. (fingers crossed)

FreeUndelete is a freeware data recovery program for deleted files.

Good luck! If you do recover them, why not burn important pics to cd? Hd's do go bad, and SH** HAPPENS TOO ! (Beleive me, I know)

01-09-06, 03:43 PM
Maximum PC ran an article this month suggesting "GetBackData for NTFS (http://www.runtime.org)" or "Zero Assumption Recovery (http://www.z-a-recovery.com)". They add that "Media Recover (http://www.mediarecover.com)" works well with memory cards.

01-09-06, 04:49 PM
Try Handy Recovery 1.0, it's freeware and works great for me. I got it before they started on the retail version but it looks like they still let you download the free one too. Here's a link to it. But you need to restore any files to a different drive than the one you deleted it on because of the way windows deletes files. Windows only hides the deleted file and then uses that storage area when it needs the free clusters. So if the file was on a windows partition there's a good chance the clusters that was freed when the file was deleted are already used by another file. But here's the link.


01-09-06, 09:59 PM
I had a situation like this a few months ago. I ended up using O&O Unerase. Found a serial on google lol for the 1 thing I had to do then uninstalled.

01-10-06, 04:43 AM
Ontrack EasyRecovery is SUPERB, and higly reliable.