View Full Version : motherboard keep or scrap and upgrade? stupid asus

01-09-06, 12:49 AM
I just bought a ASUS A8N-VM CSM, and wow does it suck, nothing but bad review on newegg and problems with ntune, onboard video, clockgen, T1/T2 stuff, HT settings and im sad because I thought going from my noname foxconn to a asus would be great but aparently I was wrong. now this thing came out 1-2 monthes ago so should I keep it and wait until asus gets there **** together or a ntune comes out so I can OC this thing? and hopefully voldmod, or should I ebay it because I dont have original box and look for something else, and what elses is there? checking newegg theres not any good boards that support x2, have 4 sata 2 ports, good onboard audio and because of my custom case im working on, rufly the same layout?

also every Mico atx with this chipset looks like its having problems, check new eggs review, the gigabyte one boots 1 out of 20 times

im in a pickle can someone suggest some good Matx OC boards that at least I can have those features and run clockget to get some good OCs????

The problem is most MOBO support dual cores now but that infos not on newegg

Oh but for my needs that mobo is barable, im running at 800 HT, and no cpu OC but the rest is fine and nice audio, I would also like to be able to run onboard video with my 6800gs 2 monitors and projector style

How do they release these things with so many bugs???