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01-09-06, 01:49 AM
For quite a while I have been looking for that perfect balance of sim and arcade racing on dirt. I'm not too picky huh? Finally, CRC05.

Offline there are the career mode races, quick races with lap knockout, regular rally cross and a new race mode- swap race. In the new mode you swap cars with your opponent when you bump him. It's different.

Online you have RTF, CTF, Destruction Zone (same company that made Insane makes CRC), Jamboree and rally cross. This is some of the most fun I have ever had racing.

The graphics are great too, though the mud looks all wrong- more like dusty dirt. The physics are the best of any game to date. period. Car damage is FULL, which is probably why there are no licensed cars. I could care less about licensing because then they can't make the cars destructable. Oh yeah, I have many hours with this game so far and not one crash or BSOD or any stability issue (unlike certain other highly hyped games that came out this Fall...) and the set up options are really incredible for graphics and controllers. I expect dead zone and sensitivity settings, but this game gives you steering speed, range of movement for your device, throttle speed and range, steering linearity etc etc etc!!!! I use my momo racing and it's just perfect- the forst game to get the wheel right.

Right now the online community is very small. Problems with Starforce delayed the NA launch and in the EU it came out 6 months before NA. The only other major bugs in the game is that online gaming can get problematic when different patch versions (there is a 1.23 version for EU and a 1.24 for NA) and auto shifting doesn't work right, you have to use manual.

Do you like fun racing games? Do you like to race in a very realistic game? Do you like to smash **** up? Get CRC05.

01-09-06, 08:51 AM
Got a link? It sounds awesome and I loved Insane :)

01-09-06, 08:57 AM

Itīs a good game, and the physics are really nice (LFS like?), but it has only 7 or 8 tracks (each with 3 variants or so), and after 30 races in the career mode, I got extremely bored of this game and uninstalled it. But then again it was around October and there were tons of other games that I wanted to play, so that probably was a reason why I got rid of it as well. I would still rate it with 7 points out of 10.

01-09-06, 10:10 AM
Actually the game has 6 large environments, and tracks take place along different routes in each. And i am certainly not bored even if the game has been on my hard drive since June 2005.

01-10-06, 05:31 AM
Hey! I know you! Are you followin' me around Smull! LOL. Online DZ is where it's at with this game. RTF is fun too. When a patch comes out to unify the 1.23 and 1.24 versions the multiplayer will rock. The community out there is small but tight, we mostly go through Vales.com and try to get races going in the afternoons (for me anyway- I am on the East Coast US, zulu +5). Agentkay- reinstall that game and join us, you'll see!

01-20-06, 03:26 AM
New patch- brings EU gamers to 1.24

New custom game mode modding tools

Car modding tools

Soon: track modding tutorials

Yeah, there is a ton going on in CRC right now. We have started a clan, too. We are GT Sudden Impact, the first CRC Clan! Stop by our forums at www.GER-Tech.net and sign on today! See my sig...

02-09-06, 06:10 AM
The track makinf tutorial is out and tracks have been made already and there are a ton in the works. Cars for 1.2.4 have been released. There is a lot going on and the CRC community is really taking off.

Look for games on All Seeing Eye and join up. We play in the afternoons (East Coast US).