View Full Version : Infinite Loop when trying to enable SLI

01-09-06, 08:50 PM

today after i work i turn on the pc and everything was fine, i checked mail, few forums, talked on messenger for few minutes, turned off the pc, and went to store. i come back 3 hours later, turn the computer, after xp loading screen, nothing happens, then suddenly pc reboots, i disable automatic reboots, and i get stop error for nv4.sys stating that it entered an infinite loop.

i tried everything i could think off, and still nothing

removed nforce 4 drivers, removed forceware, runned driver cleaner pro in safe mode.

rebooted and i'm in "normal" windows. install nforce drivers and so far fine, installed 81.98 forceware and everything is fine. rebooted, and still fine, i go to nc control panel and enabled sli, sceen goes black, few red lines. and bam infinite loop **** again. so same process, instead i installed forceware(82.10) then nforce, enabled sli, and same ****.:thumbdwn:

please help,