View Full Version : 7800 GT and Fan Speeds??

01-09-06, 10:01 PM
I just upgraded to pci and an Epox 9NPA+ sli with 1 EVGA 7800GT CO from a 6800GT agp. I am wondering if it matters what speeds I set the fan to? I am using RivaTuner and was getting 40 idle and 65 under load with 3D Mark05 and rthdribl. I set the 2d fan speed from 43 to 50 and both 3d fan speeds from 43 to 90. Other than the noise, will it have any negative effect??? I was thinking of just cranking the 3d to 100. My idle is now 38-39 and load on rthdribl is 59-60.

01-10-06, 06:37 AM
Your temps are well within specs......play with the fans all you want :)

01-11-06, 12:49 AM
I can not tell any difference when useing Rivatuner My Evga 7800GT sounds the same to me weather I set it to 50% or a 100% and in the Bios when I flashed my cards they say they are 43%