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01-10-06, 01:11 AM
I recently bought a Geforce 2 MX400 64mb card (FC-MX400 i think) and installed it into my old computer (an asus P5A motherboard with a Socket 7 K6-2 500 processor and 256MB of PC 100 sdram OS: Windows XP Pro). With the stock windows drivers for the card (version I am somewhat able to play accelerated games but i have no options or ability to change settings on account of the old drivers and lack of tools. I have tried many updated nvidia drivers including the latest drivers offered on nvidias website, but whenever i update drivers and attempt to load an accelerated game (mainly quake 2 and 3) everything runs at around 1 fps, i have tried turning off AA and Vsync but it still remains to chug along at 1 fps. I have also installed the lastest AGP drivers for the motherboard and I flashed the bios to the lastest version 1007.A, I have also changed the jumper settings on the motherboard (VIO1 and OFTEST), and turned off usb fuction in the bios as informed from the faq "How can I get my ASUS P5A working with my GeForce" without any success in correcting this horrible lag problem. Besides the updated drivers issue with acceleration and the lack of setting anything with the outdated drivers the card is fuctioning perfectly well. I also own a shuttle 3200+ system and i loaded this card into it and it seemed to work perfectly fine even with updated drivers. i'm not sure which new features included in the nvidia drivers past could be causing this issue in my piece of crap k6-2 but if you have any sudjestions in how to correct this it would be highly appriciated, thanks alot for your time and such, mike.

P.S. i've never posted one of these thread things befor so i'm sorry if this comes across as confusing dog crap.

EDIT: Today i'm going to format again and test out the card on windows 98 instead and see if that will put out any unit :D

01-11-06, 02:38 AM
Okay, so i've now installed 98 and the latest nvidia drivers, i also removed the jumpers from the oftest and the jumpers to the vio1 setting, seems raising the voltage to 3.6 isn't a good idea in correcting the issue as all it seemed to do was lower compatibily and throw artifacts all over the place, i now have the voltage at 3.4 and all seems to be well, i'm going to atempt lowering it to 3.3 in hopes of even more stability as 3.4 has still shown artifacts but only twice as aposed to the never ending onslaught of the higher voltage setting, but yeah all seems to be well *fingers crossed* and the asus p5a isn't the complete piece i thought it was after all. i'm going to go work on that junker again and i'll post back later.

01-11-06, 06:44 AM
So now with 98 and the updated Nvidia drivers all is well when it comes to all the old problems i was having and I left the agp at 3.4v since the board doesnt seem to go any lower and it seems pretty stable at that setting. but anyways now theres a couple new problems. sometimes the screen randomly goes black and the monitor powers off, this may be monitor related tho and i havent yet tested my monitor from this comp yet but i seem to have to have to reboot to correct this problem tho i havent tryed unpluging and reattaching the cable yet. The other problem is occasionaly games seem to freeze while in play, and i have to reboot the box. besides that the framerate is rock solid and i'm actually impressed with this card on my crapy K6-2, alot of you are probably wondering why i'm even bothering working on such an outdated system especialy when i have a newer rig but it was my first quake box and my first exsperiece with opengl graphics so i've grown attached to the old beast. anyways if anyone could help me with this black screen issue or even the much more less frequient freezing issue that would be really awesome.
thanks. (alf)

01-11-06, 08:24 AM
Why exactly would you buy a card that old?

01-11-06, 08:28 AM
Why exactly would you buy a card that old?

Because common sense dictates that putting anything newer in the system he's using would be utterly pointless and a waste of money?