View Full Version : Inno3d 6600GT Driver hell

01-10-06, 08:10 AM
Hello to all

I have a Inno3D Geforce 6600GT Pcie card that is on a AMD 64 3800 machine.

With XP Pro sp2 installed

The card was installed using the cd installation disk and shows the driver version as

This driver is now well out of date as version 81.98 is available and as I want to play some of the latest games as well as using Autocad I decided to update the driver.

Now the problem begins by following the rules of updating I deleted the drivers via the control panel and hit the setup key all goes well the system says its done and you reboot.

Then the system either freezes or when it restarts it reverts back to

So I used DCPro to remove all reference to NV and tried again the machines says new hardware and I run the setup for 81.98 to copies and says that it is done.

Great but when the machine restarts I have SVGA but I have the Nv desktop icon and the systems asks do I want to update my profiles but nothing else. So I reinstall 81.98 same loop again and then SVGA is back.

But If I reinstall using the original cd installs and works fine.

So how do I update the driver??????????????

Your help would be most appreciated.


01-10-06, 09:05 AM
My first GeF card was a inno, I also could not get any other drivers to work on it, Just hope they get around to updateing the drivers on there website, They did for me(nana2)