View Full Version : Worlds Smallest Powersupply

01-11-06, 11:51 AM
Look how tiny this thing is! 120W!!



01-11-06, 11:54 AM
Damn, that thing is tiny.

01-11-06, 11:57 AM
Think that could power an SLi rig? lol

01-11-06, 01:27 PM
I am curious where the external power connects to power that thing?

01-11-06, 01:47 PM
I am curious where the external power connects to power that thing?

It doesn't because its only a dc-to-dc power supply and still requires an ac-to-dc converter.

01-11-06, 01:51 PM
Doesn't that new Dell Renegade use these? Or something?

01-11-06, 01:58 PM
I wonder if a device that small would be good in consoles. May be able to save some space. I dunno if the one the XB360 uses is that small, I know it has a power brick

01-11-06, 03:37 PM
That's a DC to DC power supply. That means you still need an AC to DC converter (or power brick) to convert the AC power in your house to use that thing or you can use it in a car pretty easily.

01-11-06, 04:31 PM
There are a few others like that (not as small) that have been around for a while. I never had a use for it though since I never built an M-ITX box or anything that's only going to use only 200w. They're nice if you're building a tiny M-ITX in a really small case (old console etc).

01-13-06, 01:14 AM
That very impressive smallest ATX 120W picoPSU, I think by the end of 2006 we could see a 550W picoPSU as big as a credit card size. :)

01-13-06, 01:41 AM
Thats a pretty nice little gadget for a mini-itx (or nano-itx) system but for $50? Come on... theres 2 capacitors, a few wires and a PCB. Theres NOTHING to it... considering that youd still need an AC to DC converter its not all that amazing.