View Full Version : eVGA upgrades warranty service...

01-11-06, 10:25 PM
Recently there were a huge batch of bad eVGA 6800GS PCIe cards.
Most of them are sold by newegg, zzf, monarch and tigerdirect.
The problem is these e-retailers put OEM cards(according to eVGA, model number ends with a -TX) inside a retail box and sell as retail. As eVGA stated, ALL retail cards(product number ends with either -AX, -DX, -FX) have lifetime warranty.
This pissed a lot of people obviously(includes me).

Many people complained in eVGA forums(includes me). The main concern is e-retailers and eVGA are blaming each other for the faults.

Finally eVGA said anyone purchased -TX model 6800GS PCIe, if register before 28th Feb, 2006, can upgrade to lifetime warranty for free.

While this can be positive but a lot of people experienced dead cards with their "-TX" model after one or few weeks running time...

I guess eVGA got some real problems in there.

01-11-06, 11:02 PM
I'm glad they got it sorted out. Kudos to them.

01-11-06, 11:41 PM
I'm glad they got it sorted out. Kudos to them.

Well, even though they "upgraded" warranty, most of the people bought -TX version still get their card dead after a few weeks of normal usage:roll:

I am willing to pay extra bucks for lesser hassle and computer down time.