View Full Version : nvraid vs pci raid

01-12-06, 12:14 PM
Has anyone compared the difference between the 2? I am getting the Promise Fasttrak tx2300 soon and hope it is going to be an upgrade. Ever since I got rid of my old Promise ata raid setup, I feel like I have a much increased cpu overhead but with higher throughput and some loss of responsiveness. In all honestly, I've thought about putting it back in. My new drives are NCQ capable and have 8mb cache vs my old 2mb ones. The nforce 3 does not support NCQ, the tx2300 supports sata2 fully along with NCQ. The biggest benefit is being able to keep the same install on the same array no matter what I upgrade including the motherboard (which isn't too far away). If anyone has done the switch or could even reference me a site that has compared it, would be most helpful.

01-12-06, 07:38 PM
well, I did the same with my p5n32-sli, I got the tx2300. Mainly because the Nvraid 3gb bios for that board won't make the raid bootable. It will show as a boot device in the motherboard bios. It will install the OS but when you get to the final loading screen, it freezes and/or slows. So, I am looking forward to getting a working 3gb raid 0 on my system.