View Full Version : When is ZipZoomFly getting more BFG 7800GT's PCIE 256MB

01-12-06, 01:36 PM
I'm pissed this happened last week I placed an order for a pci-e main board and 2 harddrives and a BFG 7800GT pci-e videocard. When I didn't get anything on the arrival date I called and they said the video card went out of stock after the order was made. Since when does an on-line retailer go out of stock on an item that was in stock when you purchased it. They did send me the mainboard and 2 harddrives this week which does me no good without the videocard.

Anyway today they still dont even have the videocard. I was hoping maybe someone thats works in the industry has a real answer when they'll get more of these. As soon as they get one they told me they'll overnight it. Didn't think 7800GT's were so in high demand.

So I have to wait while they keep my money. I didn't bother asking for cash back because it can take a week or more to get money back thru the credit card company.

01-14-06, 06:42 PM
Do you think any of us would know the answer to this?

01-14-06, 06:44 PM
well it sounds like he's just giving us a headsup is all.

01-14-06, 07:53 PM
*cough* if you need a vid card real bad in the meantime, check the For Sale thread and my 6800GT *cough*


01-14-06, 08:35 PM
Same thing happend to me for a build I was doing and all that was needed was the card very fast. ZZF showed card as being instock so we orderd it with the free 2-day air option which I figured would get it to me faster than Newegg which had the same card but with 3-5 day shipping. I orderd it but It did not arrive anywhere close to two days but more like a week and half later. My order status even reached "packed and ready to be shipped" after a day, a stage which did not allow you to cancel the order but it was a lie and seems to be automatically elevated to that stage after a day or two. I e-mailed them on why it was taking so look and was told it was infact out of stock so there invetory is not realtime like I once thought.

There prices are nearly always a dollar or two lower than newegg with 2-day free shipping but I will not let that fool me again.:(

01-16-06, 01:00 PM
They hold your cash for 2 weeks then if they dont get more they return the money. So until they return the money or send the card I dont have another 375 to spend.

Yeah I thought someone might. People do work in the industry and post on these boards. For me this was a first time I placed an order that was in stock and went out of stock at the second I purchased it.

I dont order that often maybe 1 a year or so.
Refunds thru credit take forever too. Even though I used a bankcard credit card. My past expereince with getting cash back thru credit takes a week or more. Hopefully they'll have them in this week they'll overnight it since they didn't have it at the time of purchase.

here the email responce I got from zipzoomfly:
Dear Customer,

Thanks for contacting ZipZoomFly.com!

We apolgoize for the inconvenience, but your item 326023 is currently on back order.We will ship your order out as soon as we received the item in stock. Please note that if we do not expect an item to be in stock within 2 weeks we will automatically cancel the order and issue a refund.

Any further questions please call us at 510 739 1890 ext 2200.