View Full Version : WMD bugs win 8X.series with 7800gtx video in

01-12-06, 04:27 PM
The wmd drivers arnt supported at all in earlier 8 series drivers with the 7800gtx but in the last few set they allow the driver to install at least. I had thought the bugs sorted but I tired playing jak3 on my ps2 last night using thecomp in. It looks ok (but the deinterlacing is slower than my three year old retired playtv tv in card) but playable. That is until it pauses. It playes for about twenty seconds then pauses again and continues like this

This is with the 81.95 drivers and the 4.13 wmd drivers.

When I go back to the 78.05 the pauses go away, deinterlacing is still bad but it has been since the card came out.