View Full Version : Getting an X-fi soundcard but will there be a difference?

01-13-06, 02:21 AM
Right now, I have my audigy connected to my HT system (via spdif out). Since im just passing through the signal to my reciever, will i still notice a difference in sound quality.

01-13-06, 05:13 AM
I'm guessing you will.

01-13-06, 06:59 PM
If its hooked out via spdif/digital, the Sound QUality will only matter on what equipment it is being outputed to. So digital output no, there would be no difference, analog yes thre will be a big difference.

01-13-06, 08:00 PM
ok tnx. I was thinking thats how it would be but wasnt sure.

01-13-06, 08:17 PM
You can also get 3d positional sound emulated through headphones, and it sounds damn good (though it does have a few quirks).

01-13-06, 08:32 PM
I forgot to add If your reciever has 5.1-7.1 ch inputs you can also hook the X-Fi to that and you can get the beneifit of multichannel surround in your games with EAX3+.

01-13-06, 11:37 PM
It would have been nice if my reciever had those inputs. I only get stereo sound when playing games.

01-15-06, 06:35 AM
With stereo you'll still get CMSS Virtual, which is pretty good. Slightly better than Dolby Virtual Speaker in my experience.

01-15-06, 09:03 AM
When im watching a movie enconded in 5.1, the sound starts to skip whenever I start bittorent or emule (file sharing programs). Is this because my audigy needs more processing power? I tried putting high priority for these programs from task manager but it didnt help at all. When i tried using the optical out from my onboard audio, I didnt have the same problem. Now im thinking its because i used an optical cable instead of coxial. What do you guys think? Should i get the x-fi or stick with my onboard? although the onboard sounds good, it still sound different from my audigy.

01-15-06, 09:15 AM
That skipping could be due to the temporary CPU load or HD usage perhaps..

01-15-06, 09:33 AM
That skipping could be due to the temporary CPU load or HD usage perhaps..

Yea, but how come i dont experience the same problem with my onboard audio?
It also happens when I go to a website like gamespot where there's alot of stuff to load. So although it's obvious that it happens there's alot of hd usage or cpu load, I just dont get why my onboard audio is able to handle it with no problem.
I wonder if i should go for the platinum version to get that optical out connection.

01-15-06, 09:38 AM
yeah thats a bit odd perhaps, onboard relies more on CPU..
well I dunno, possibly something todo with crossing the PCI bus or some such?
cant do much but speculate, but perhaps soundcards will be affected with the 6 channels of sound data being streamed to the card, while onboard might have a shorter route from RAM.. I think they have been off the PCI buss for some time now, using Hypertransport and such.. integrated stuff in general..
IDE is on the PCI bus aswell I think, and it can only use one device at a time I think..
still, there should be buffers and stuff to negate any such effects I would think..
Does it happen in any perticular player?
well, I dont know..

01-15-06, 10:30 AM
It happens on all media players but when using my regular pc speakers there's no skipping. so i think its the spdif output of the card that has a problem.