View Full Version : Value Select Incomptible with ASUS A8N-SLI

01-13-06, 01:18 PM
I just recently bought an ASUS A8N SLI Premium Mobo, I have 2x512 of OCZ Ram in it right now. I decided to try to try and throw in my 2x512 sticks of corsair value select ram so I sould have 2gb. I was able to do this on my old Abit IC7-Max3 board. But when I tryed to boot up on this board. I heard 5 beeps when it tryed to boot and it would not post after that. I've even tryed taking out the OCZ memory and just running the Corsair but the same thing would happen. I thought this Corsair Memory was compatible with pretty much every mobo out there. Also on a side not, I tryed messing with the memory times to, I tryed them at Auto which didnt work, and also very relaxed timings but the same thing happened.

01-13-06, 08:18 PM
make sure they are both the same speeds. i heard ocz doesnt couple good with other ram. strange, you're right, corsair value is compatible with almost everything, maybe ur mobo doesnt like it, not sure.

01-13-06, 08:46 PM
Well of course Value Select are compatible with ASUS A8N-SLI, try flash the latest BIOS for your motherboard. I checked Corsair website for memory compatible with ASUS A8N-SLI Premium are VS512MB400C3 and VS512MBKIT400C3.

01-13-06, 09:06 PM
Do you have your memory timings set manually ? Set it to SPD if you do and try it.

01-13-06, 09:28 PM
All of the above suggestions should get you somewhere, but if not then try just one stick. If it boots then go through the post and then power down and put in the second stick. My second box doesn't like changing ram so I have to do it that way, otherwise I get beeps and nothing else. After that it's fine until I switch ram around again.

01-14-06, 08:27 AM
Value Select worked well in my A8N-SLI. It is probably the RAM mixing. When going to 2GB, I replaced teh 2x512 with 2x1GB.