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01-13-06, 08:02 PM
Read about it at Gamespot: http://www.gamespot.com/news/6142403.html.

For the two of you that don't know about this game here are some screenshots:







01-13-06, 08:17 PM
The graphics aren't actually that bad too.

01-14-06, 03:45 AM
Yeah i'm looking to try this game .. i'm not much into RTS , but i like SW games :D

01-14-06, 09:49 AM
looks nice, wish you could be a jedi(if you can't) (nana2)

thanks for posting this

01-14-06, 11:16 AM
Wow! A Star Wars game where you play in the Battle of Hoth? I didn't see that one coming!

01-14-06, 12:14 PM
This is the first game of 2006 that I'm looking forward to. It's funny that most of them are RTSs like BFME2, RoN:RoL, etc.

01-18-06, 11:31 AM
it's out (742MB)

edit: Well, graphics are very low res (explosions are nice though), sound is good (music and voices), but i can't tell much about the gameplay itself (only played two tutorials out of five). So far it's not bad, but i'll have to play more for a better verdict.

01-18-06, 01:18 PM
server meltdowns -- any other mirrors...? :(

01-18-06, 01:25 PM
server meltdowns -- any other mirrors...? :(

01-18-06, 01:45 PM

filefront finally worked for me:


01-18-06, 02:23 PM
Thats one big download, hope its worth the wait.

01-18-06, 02:27 PM
Hope it plays as good as it looks....:thinker:

01-18-06, 10:02 PM
The demo is awesome so far! I love the cinematic camera button. Great idea!

01-19-06, 02:26 AM
Great game, bit hard though :)

01-19-06, 11:49 AM
This game is definately somthing to look into, it definately has more substance than your standard RTS. Seems to run pretty well too, even though I know my second card isn't being used atm.

01-19-06, 04:13 PM
It looks okay and the sound is nice but not my type of game.

01-20-06, 06:38 AM
Just finished the tutorials and tried out the one mission available in the demo. So far it looks like a pretty cool game; it's definately not what I was expecting. I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan but I do like RTS games and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how many new ideas this game brings to the table. I was expecting a traditional RTS affair, maybe even one that's been dumbed down, but got pretty much the complete opposite.

For those of you that haven't tried it yet, the game is seperated into 2 distinct parts: base building and attacking. Basebuilding is done on a seperate screen and is pretty straightforward. You can build units, send them to different planets, research new technologies, etc. Pretty standard here, but there is some variety. The rebels can use smugglers to syphon money from imperial planets. These imperials then have to send out bounty hunters to stop the smugglers. There are also other differences between the two factions when it comes to researching technologies.

Attacking is pretty different than in most games and it's pulled off pretty well. The first part is almost like Civilization; you build up your fleet, then tell them to move to a planet held by the enemy. However, instead of a numbers game, you're switched into a tactical battle mode and have to do the fighting for yourself. The space around planets can be filled with asteroids, nebulae, and other things that keep you from attacking the enemy space station directly. The battles are pretty fun and there is some stuff throw to keep it from being "whomever has the largest fleet, wins" type of deal. You can attack subsystems and each unit is weak against certain types and strong against others.

Once you destroy the enemy space station, you can start sending troops down to the planet. Each planet has different attributes that might help or hurt your cause. There are some neutral units that litter the map like Warcraft 3. You can't produce any units while in the ground tactical battles but you can bring in reinforcments that you have in orbit, so it's like Ground Control in that regard. You win once you destroy all of the enemy units, but you can also just destroy some units or structures and then retreat if you want. If you capture the planet it gives you a bonus to your cash income that you use to rebuild your fleet and restart the process.

Each component has been done before but I don't recall playing a game that puts all the components together like this (though Conquest: Fronteir Wars comes close I guess.) The graphics are pretty nice, nothing too amazing, and it seems pretty stable. Presentation is top notch though, like I said, I'm not the greatest fan of all things Star Wars.

I don't think I'll be picking this one up but it's nice to see that they're introducing some new ideas instead of just producing a generic RTS and slapping the Star Wars name on it (which they have done serveral times in the past.) At 800MB it's not a small download but by today's standards it's reasonable enough. I recommend checking it out if you're an RTS fan but I don't think it's going to convert anyone that isn't.

01-20-06, 01:51 PM
I really like the new ideas they put into this one, not your regular rts, I would like to see how MP is like though. It really reminds me of an old space strat game but i cant remember the name. I expected a traditional rts aswell and was pleased it wasnt. I like it so far and might pick it up :) they get 2 thumbs up from me for bringing out an early demo.

01-22-06, 03:18 AM
Do you guys recommend this game to someone like me who loved C&C Generals, Warcraft but I didn't like any of the Civ series?

01-22-06, 04:22 AM
Its worth a shot yes.

01-22-06, 11:40 PM
I just tried this. It seems pretty good.

Doesnt really blow me away or anything, but its pretty cool. Its a bit frustrating some times because the AI is bad (just like every RTS I have ever played) and it has some irritating gameplay elements that dont make much sense. For example, walkers walking over whole batallions of soldiers and killing every single one... same with tanks, they just fly right through 100 men and kill them all. What the hell is the point of having soldiers if they die so easily? I figured because they were in small groups that the individual soldiers would be reasonably smart, but no, they dont step out of the way of a slow moving foot, they just allow themselves to be squashed.

Some other things seemed badly designed as well... I was having vehicles just explode for what I thought was no reason, but it turned out to be a tiny turret that I could barely see that took away 75% of a tanks health in a single shot (which was very quiet and hard to spot).

And the artillery guns automatically UN-DEPLOY when you target something... aparently you cant tell them where to fire, only where to move.

Other than these things, it seems alright. Nice graphics, good performance, some original ideas, and its reasonably accessable considering the scope of the game (multiple planets, space and ground battles etc.).

01-23-06, 08:29 AM
Loved the space battle, not much fun in the ground part though. :)

01-23-06, 12:48 PM
The idea of a cinematic view is cool , but it wasnt very well done.

01-23-06, 01:35 PM
The idea of a cinematic view is cool , but it wasnt very well done.
I agree. Half the time it just looked at inactive vehicles or got stuck inside them. The graphics are pretty nice up close so I hope they can get this worked out so it's positioned better.

02-03-06, 11:59 AM
Great game I thought - lots of new and well implimented idea's.

Its made by several Ex-Westwood studios members and should (I hope) beat BFME2 in sales which is being developed by the devil and must as such be destroyed without mercy.