View Full Version : -Win Vista 32bit- 8505 LDDM (dated 11/05/05)

01-15-06, 08:18 PM
Seeing it's all quiet on the driver front, I've been playing with Vista on my mighty Geforce2 go.
Knowing now how these LDDM drivers work now, I managed to suck this driver from Build 5270 of Vista.
These drivers are very small as they have no Control panel. (so don't ask)

For those that couldn't install these drivers because their GPU was too old or not included in the release, I have made modded INFs to allow all GPU's to be installed.
It also forces on Glass effect for those GPU's that can have it enabled but Vista might disable all the same.

Replace original INF with modded one and then install

These drivers can ONLY be installed via control panel, System properties update display driver.

For links to Driver and modded INF follow link in sig.

Enjoy :)