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01-17-06, 08:59 AM
Well currently I'm sitting with an 80GB external Westernal Digital HDD thats just about tapped out finally. Sitting at about 4.4GBs left, I figured it might be time to get myself a newer, larger one. I use external HDDs mainly for backup and archiving, that sort of thing. I was wondering what you guys would recommend as high capacity external drive. Thanks.

01-17-06, 09:10 AM
I have my WD Caviar 320GB SATA drive in an external AMS enclosure. Works nicely. USB to the PC.

01-17-06, 09:40 AM
I would suggest anything from Lacie. like THIS (http://www.lacie.com/products/product.htm?pid=10468) one.

A lot of professionals I know use Lacie and NewEgg just started carrying them. link (http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?Manufactory=1900&PropertyCodeValue=0&PropertyCodeValue=0&PropertyCodeValue=0&PropertyCodeValue=0&PropertyCodeValue=0&description=&MinPrice=&MaxPrice=&SubCategory=414&Submit=Property)

I will be getting one within a few months.

01-17-06, 10:24 AM
These are the parts I am using:

01-17-06, 10:39 AM
I just ordered one of these; Lacie Brick 160Gb, 7200rpm USB2 (there are desktop and mobile versions)


01-17-06, 10:43 AM
I just bought a 40gig samsung laptop drive and a USB enclosure. It works great and its tiny and very portable (doesnt require a seperate power adapter... just USB).

Thats not really what youre looking for, but I just had to share... I love this little thing :D

01-21-06, 09:04 AM
Good suggestions guys. Unfortunately I'm gonna hold back on getting an external for now in favor of going SLI and a completely water-cooled system.