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01-17-06, 11:02 PM
Anyone tried the above? (Ultra 20 + Apple 30" + FX3450)

My goal is to connect an Ultra 20 with the FX3450 to an Apple 30" Cinema Display at a resolution of 2560x1600@60Hz. In theory, this should work by altering the xorg.conf file but I wanted to see if anyone has run into this configuration with any success (or if it doesn't work at all with the odd resolution).

The Apple Cinema Display requires the dual link DVI (included on the FX3450) and the Sun Ultra 20 supports the FX3450. Therefore, it looks like all the pieces will fit together and I should be OK. But, there isn't any documentation that I have found (NVIDIA, Apple, or Sun sites or a general Google search) that recognizes this possibility. I saw tompd's post for the 1920x1200@60 which gives me a little more hope. I'm not looking to do a dual head config (yet).

Any thoughts before I pull the trigger and buy the U20 (I have the Display)?

-- Solaris 10 on the AMD

01-20-06, 02:57 PM
Haven't heard anything back so I'll tread in new waters and let eveyone know what happens.

02-14-06, 10:31 AM

It took forever to order the Sun with the FX3450 because it was not one of their selections. It finally came in yesterday.

I opened the box, hooked everything up, and the display came up and worked as the console. When the desktop started, the login prompt was about 2 feet away from the bottom right hand corner of the screen. I dragged the mouse until I could get to the commandline login selection. I finally did and installed the nvidia drivers.

I then had to do the nvidia pkgrm and delete the path_to_inst and driver_aliases tapdance to get the desktop to come up. It was running at 1280x1024 dpi and 75x75 (default) resolution. I modified my xorg.conf file by simply adding the "2560x1600" as the first field in each "Modes" line for screen 1 (** NVIDIA). It works like a charm with the Dual Channel DVI (1 port).

Time - 2 hours thanks to this forum! Otherwise it probably would have been weeks.

It may be better to configure it a different way but it's working and usually best to use the simplest path. If there are any other suggestions, please forward them but I'm extremely happy for now. Especially seeing I can use the 30" monitor as something other than a large bulky paper weight.

11-22-06, 12:02 PM
Hi. This looks nice. I was thinking of doing the same with a Sun Blade 1500 and one of the Quadro FX cards. Is it possible with the Nvidia drivers to rotate the screen 90 degrees, so that I can work with the 30" in vertical position?