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01-18-06, 04:34 AM
Gigabyte 6800GT AGP GV-N68T256DH-N (The one with the fancy heatpipe heatsink). A64 3200+ Winchester, Asus A8V Deluxe 2.0, 2x512 mb of generic ram in dual channel, 4 hard drives, 1 dvdrw, 350 W Enermax power supply.

I'm buzzing along fine browsing various internet explorer windows, when suddenly the online text file I am reading becomes garbled and fuzzy. I scroll down and suddenly sections of the screen become horizontal lines of garbled text. Not multi-coloured corruption, but the text characters become garbled. Highlighting the text with the mouse removes the corruption, but it returns on other internet explorer windows. Soon I get ghosting remnants of text characters and the screen suddenly blinks on and off like when you're changing resolution on the fly. My explorer bar at the bottom of the screen also earlier didn't show all the applications currently running. OpenGL gaming still works with no corruption, so I return to desktop.

By now I'm getting slow downs and more screen on-off blinking and garbled text. I immediately shut down the computer. Boot back up and check out the bios. Everything looks in order except for some reason the memory is running at 166 MHz (333 DDR) instead of the usual 200 MHz. (400 DDR).

I exit the bios and let the OS load up. My desktop icons are fine, but the background has regular horizontal lines of corruption. Soon after I get screen on-off flickers like the video card is struggling with 1600x1200, and I immediately shut down.

Restart again and after the windows xp loading bar screen, I get two screen flashes of garbled 2D graphics and no output afterwards. Boot in safe mode (800x600) and the video card outputs normally. Reboot again and now nothing shows on the monitor; it doesn't even turn on from stand-by mode.

Rebooted several times same thing now, even after cold shutdown. Dead output. OS continues to hum along and bios doesn't report the dreaded BEEEEP beep-beep-beep of a dead video card.

I finally hunker down and open the case, take out the video card, disconnect the molex connector and take a look. Nothing wrong, nothing burnt, so I put it back in again.

Now everything is back to normal. Ran memtest with no problems. Ran OpenGL and DirectX games, even in windowed mode. I can't fathom what could have happened. Power/voltage fluctuation?

01-18-06, 06:47 AM
Sounds like the card had become loose or became unseated somehow.

Hyper s
01-18-06, 10:23 AM
Card will die soon,you should change it.It seems video memory issue.

01-22-06, 05:54 PM
Just to report back to everyone. It turned out my bios was corrupted. Message was: Checking NVRAM...Update failed.

I left the Asus full screen bootup logo on and didn't see the bios message. Popped out the CMOS battery, cleared CMOS, and popped it back in. So far so good.