View Full Version : Need help getting bloom part of Garry's mod

01-18-06, 09:28 AM
Hi, i just found out garry's mod for halflife 2 has bloom options and more for it. The problem is, Garry's mod screws up my halflife 2. I cant pickup items while the use button works. Helicopters get stuck in the air, cant use them standalone useable machineguns, getting crashes at certain spots, pigeons wont fly up. In other words, this mod sucks except the bloom part.

Could anyone fix me the files i need to use for the bloom menu so i can incorporate this mod with mayb other mods, or just use it as garry's mod but only have the bloom options available. I dont want all the crapp around it.

I think alot of people would like this. Thank u in advance.

P.S. to use bloom with newest Halflife 2 garry's mod, press Q ingame to show the menu.

01-20-06, 05:05 AM
Ok since no1 is interrrested i tried it myself, I can strip down the mod so a few gui files are left and the bloom menu works but the game is borked. Theres a folder named bin wich contains .dll's wich garry's mod needs to function normally. I think these same dll files are borking my halflife 2. I cant remove em or halflife 2 wont load up a level and will crash.


01-20-06, 05:16 AM
Is this bloom part different from the standalone "HDR" bloom mod that came out a year ago or so? I personally canīt help you because I donīt have HL2 installed, but how about you contact the person who made the GarryMod, and ask him? Maybe he will be willing to help you and he should definitly know most about his mod than anyone here.


01-20-06, 06:42 AM
There's a stand-alone mod that's sole purpose is to provide bloom. Here's a link:


I suggest uninstalling HL2 (maybe even Steam as a whole) and reinstalling to get things back in working order, then installing this mod. As a general rule I would not try to isolate certain features of a mod by uninstalling the parts you don't want; it's bound to cause trouble.

01-20-06, 07:56 AM
That mod doesn't work anymore since a hl2 patch broke it.

Ill try on the homesite itself, would make more sence.