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01-19-06, 12:46 AM
Hi, do I need to install new patch over demo?!
I cant host or connect online with friends with demo version!
we both have the same version but still wont seem to connect!
it used to connect fine!
but now it says mismatched files! even though we got the same version! & no one added any thinG!

any one got any Idea?

01-19-06, 05:40 AM
Probably the best idea is to buy the game.

01-19-06, 08:18 AM
Probably the best idea is to buy the game.

Saving my money for Quake WARS :P
But thanx for the sulotion it really helps :P

01-19-06, 10:23 AM
I have yet to be able to play online with my friend and both of us bought the game and have it all updated. We tried hosting servers and tried joining 4 others and most of the time it just caused the server and all clients to crash.

Buying this game for the multiplayer is probably the worst thing you can do... its sort of fun (because its exactly like Q3) but it doesnt run all that good and 90% of the time it doesnt work. I know some people dont have any problems, but theres a reason that theres only ever a dozen servers with people playing: the multiplayer component of this game is terrible.

01-19-06, 03:05 PM
I'm with CaptNKILL on this one, Quake 4 multiplayer is sooo buggy.

I would advise anyone wanting to buy Q4 for multiplayer to wait for a patch that fixes all the issues it has.
Only if you are a hardcore Quake fan will you want to put up with the games many issues. They can be quite annoying.

Casual players that just want to launch Q4 for some quick frags should wait for sure.

01-21-06, 05:12 PM
I just found the solution to Quake 4s terrible mutliplayer:

Play Quake 3.

I cant believe how EASY it is to play Quake 3 online. Just load up All Seeing Eye, find a server (there are thousands of them) and start playing. It runs SMOOTH, still looks good enough... heck, graphics dont even matter because if you are playing Quake 3 DM correctly, you dont really see anything, just blurs of color and smoke and blood :p

I never actually played Q3 online until now (scary huh?), but i whooped a decent amount of ass considering it was a clan server. Playing VS. bots on nightmare really will build your skills :)

EDIT: Never f***ing mind... jesus, I just spent a half hour trying to get into a game of Q3A and all the servers have 100000 retarded server mods that make the game not work, along with punkbuster... and it made the game lag like hell, to the point where my gun would fire 3 seconds after I clicked (with a 70 ping). I'll stick to playing vs. the bots offline. This horse sh!t is rediculous. I JUST WANT TO PLAY A GOD DAMNED GAME OF DEATHMATCH. What the hell happened to the WON network? That was the best way to play multiplayer (DM Classic would be great right now) until Valve canned it and replaced it with steam.