View Full Version : -Win 32- Forceware 78.59 WHQL (Dated 12/14/05)

01-19-06, 11:33 AM
Now I know it's not 85 or 80;s series, but for those happy with the 75 series drivers it may be of interest.
This is the newest 75 series by far and same age as 82.65.

Original driver for go7800 (no the GTX).
Modded INF will allow all GPU's to be used.
Look in sig for link.

Enjoy :)

01-19-06, 12:37 PM
Well 79.60 is the highest build number I know of from the 75.xx series but thats a rather old driver.

Its weird how this has a recent build date - I did'nt think these drivers were still being persued.

01-19-06, 01:23 PM
I wonder if these even have dual core optimizations...