View Full Version : another dual core question plz help

01-19-06, 12:07 PM
just hooked up my second moniter to my onboard video(finally a chipset that lets me use both), and while playing fear 1 core was at 100% while the other at 7% is there a way yet to force usage of both cores? afinity was set right, and beleave it or no i put fear on realtime priority and man it sped up :) and also using my onboard 6150 didnt hurt my 6800s gs 3d mark :)

01-19-06, 12:41 PM
wow thats cool, running guild wars on one moniter and still pulling 6k in 3d mark 05 :)(nana2)

01-19-06, 02:59 PM
i know its off topic m8 but just updated to dual core what do u mean by setting affinity and how do i do it
also is there any other settings i can do to optimize it
btw its a 4400 dual core athlon 64
motherboard is a8n sli premium
also is the only way to veiw the 2 cores in ctrl alt del in graph form as it just shows 2 graphs
sorry not used to haveing dual core upgreaded from single core 3500
only thing i have done is apply the amd dual core exe from amd
cheers for any help u can give me

01-19-06, 04:45 PM
u set affinity in the ctrl, alt dlt task manager. go to procceses and right click on it. by setting affinity, u set which core a process goes on.

01-19-06, 05:07 PM
its on both cores but on goes to 100% and other 7%, but when in the menu of the game theres about a 50% on each core

01-19-06, 06:20 PM
Fear isn't multi-threaded so whatever the CPU or nv drivers want to do with it is what you get. For me, it splits between the two cores. Mostly it sits around 50% (total) but sometimes it's up in the 70's. Same with folding@home and things like that that aren't multi-threaded. Sometimes a work unit/f@h-core will split between the CPUs or sometimes it sits on one, without touching affinity.

01-19-06, 07:33 PM
some of my games go 50-50 on both cores, f@h goes 50% on my first core. i havent tried fear on my 3800, maybe i should try it out and see how it uses my cores