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01-19-06, 09:54 PM
Calling all TV repair afficianodos...

I have a 27" Sony Trinitron CRT TV that is about 8 years old, never had any problems with it. Earlier today, though, it stopped working. The symptom is that when you try to power it on (via remote or the power button on the TV) the typical "click" sound is made as usual but that's all, nothing after that. No picture, nothing. What should follow would be another sound of the CRT gun kicking in and the warmup.

I took the housing off the back of the TV and checked for a blown fuse but the fuse appears to be fine.

Any ideas?

01-19-06, 10:29 PM
The gun's dead. If you can find a way to see it, it'll probably appear to be dark grayish to blackish, indicating that it's shot. I went through this with a 20" Dell monitor a couple years ago.

01-19-06, 10:40 PM
Hey ragejg! :)

Yeah I think you're right. I did get a good look at the gun housing (glass) and it is dark gray/blackish. Oh well, I guess 8 years out of a TV isn't too bad...got it for $400 so that's about $4/month over the life of it.