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01-16-03, 11:35 PM
I am having troubles running UT2003 with the in game texture detail set at maximum. The problem is any setting above normal texture detail in the game produces random pauses / stuttering. It is very bad on some of the more stressful maps like BR Disclosure and CTF December.

My System

P4 2.53
Gigabyte ASG667 SIS 648
512MB Corsair XMS3200
9700 Pro 128MB
Win98 SE

Is more than 512MB of ram needed to run the game at the highest texture detail settings?

I have to leave texture detail in game set to normal for smooth game play. I play using D3d with vsync enabled at 1280*1024 at 85Hz with no AA or AF + 7 bots & all settings in game at their highest, except texture detail. With CTF December and BR Disclosure I average around 45 FPS with lows around 20 FPS during heavy fire.

I bulit this machine to replace my P3 1000 with 256MB ram and Geforce2 GTS 32MB, which can run with normal texture detail. It may be slow, at 640*480 with the same settings as above I average around 20 fps with lows between 12-15 FPS but it runs smoothly with out any pauses or stuttering.

I am not happy with the current state of the 9700 and its drivers so before I buy some more ram could someone with a similar setup to mine and a Geforce4 Ti test UT2003 with the following settings?

Use maps BR Disclosure and CTF December.
Test with vsync enabled at 1024*768 or 1280*1024 using no AA or AF + 7 bots & all settings in game at their highest including texture detail. Let me know if game play runs smooth and your low FPS during fire fights? Thanks.

01-17-03, 01:35 AM
The short answer I will give is I dont know, I dont have UT2003 or a GF3, but... From looking at your system, both your cpu and memory are upto the task, as is your 9700 Pro. I would however link into the videocard drivers for Win98, I know the latest drivers for XP seem to be working well for most, if not everyone, but havent heard anything about ATIs Win98 drivers. Failling that, upgrade your soundcard drivers, are you using EAX ingame, maybe its your soundcard drivers? As you have a 9700pro have you asked on any ATI fan forums? Srry I cant help anymore than just the general troubleshooting.

01-17-03, 01:43 AM
Hawke, your new system will enable you to play UT2k3 at Highest settings.

Right now I have:

Athlon XP 2100
GeForce 4 ti 4600
512MB Corsair PC2700
Win XP Pro

and I play UT2k3 with everything set at highest at 1024x768 res.
When I exit from the game I need to wait for few seconds so the RAM get freed but other than that you should be fine, as long as you dont have bunch of apps running in the background while playing UT2k3.

01-17-03, 02:56 AM

Thanks for the reply I am using hardware sound + EAX and have the latest drivers. Using software sound makes no difference, the problem is caused by setting the texture detail in the game above normal that causes stuttering which makes things unplayable. I have asked at rage3d with out any luck.


It should be able to play with the highest settings, but the problem is it can't. It looks like a driver problem with the 9700. I was just after some feedback from someone using a Geforce4 Ti with a similar setup to mine. It looks like the game runs fine using the Geforce4 Ti and I have enough ram thanks.

01-17-03, 03:17 AM
Which drivers for the Audigy, the latest as in the Official CL Release or the Hacked A2 drivers? With mine, Im using the .323 a2 drivers on my Audigy1 Platinum and have noticed a big increase in performance compared to the older .253 driver.

01-18-03, 06:05 AM
I am using the drivers that someone kindly uploaded from the CD that came with their audigy2. I haven't noticed any performance improvements, although things do seem to sound better than before.

01-18-03, 08:25 AM
I don't think Win9x can work with ram above 512mb. You might want to troubleshoot by disabling your sound card in Windows device manager and running the game to see if that isolates the problem. I keep hearing of this same problem over and over again, I hope I don't experience this when I get my Radeon 9700 Pro next week.

If you could that is if you use PowerStrip or would load it, post under Adapter information menu the Diagnostic report? Just cut and paste into the forum. This usually helps out identifying hardware problems in your configuration if you have any.

01-18-03, 09:35 AM
It seems some R9700 PRO users have problems with stuttering/game pauses.
Assuming you've done a clean install of Windows and installation of software properly, then I'd suggest a program called 3d analyser. Look @ rage3d forums, R9700 and 9500 technical support in a sticky thread called Stuttering- solution found or something like this.

This program should remove stuttering, try using this. Also check which revision of your R9700 PRO you have. A1 revision has more problems than others.

tip: Try tweaking your virtual memory size. This may help!

01-19-03, 04:17 AM

When you have more than 512MB using win98 you have to limit the ammount of ram it uses for its cache otherwise it sucks it all up not leaving enough for much else to run. UT2003 is the only game I am having this problem with, I have Warcraft3 and the original UT and don't have any stuttering / pausing problems with them. I have been thinking about getting another 256MB of ram to see if that helps, I read a post at rage3d where someone with similar problems in UT2003 who was running XP with 512MB wasn't able to play smooth at the highest settings until he dropped in another 256MB. Thanks for the suggestions I will limit windows cache and see if that helps, I don't think the audigy is a problem but I'll disable it and see how I go. It seems more like a memory management / agp traffic issue with the w9x drivers.

My System is running stable apart from UT2003, Though not without problems my card is an oem 9700 Pro (one of the early ones built by ati) which won't run at 8X agp at least with my sis 648 motherboard. I am running at 4X agp with fastwrites disabled. I got this card to replace a Geforce2 GTS which I had used for a long time and while it's fast the drivers are holding it back. Apart from UT2003 not running smooth It has a few issues with fog in quake3 engine games. while not a big deal it Just looks ugly to me at least compared with the Geforce2. I am just not happy with this card, good luck with yours.


Thanks for the reply I tried that program a while ago which didn't help. I have a permanent swapfile of 600MB which should be plenty, works fine with everything else.

01-20-03, 03:03 PM
I dunno.. I'm using a AXP 2400+ and Geforce 3 and it runs fine at all settings to highest except physics on lowest and texture detail and character detail set one lower than highest. I would suggest not setting character detail to highest as it really slows things down. I play at 800x600x32, 1024x768 becomes quite choppy on a GF3. Also try lowering the physics detail or installing the 2166 patch if you haven't done so already. The 2166 patch made ut2k3 quite a bit smoother on my system. ALso try running with software sounds or lowering the sound detail.