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01-20-06, 09:50 PM
I have not had a nVida card in any of my systems since the 2nd week of the original ATi 8500 release. Thus I have not perused these fine fora here at nvnews, for quite some time.

Be that as it may, I am now the proud new owner of a evga 6800GS AGP. I installed the drivers on the CD, 82.12 & of course it only took a few minutes for the upgrade bug to bite :D

Here is my dilema. I can not get any driver other than 82.12 to install. Any revision higher than that reports that no hardware was found to support the driver & then I get a close dialog box. Also Rivatuner reported that it too found no supported hardware, but it did (& is) install.

Is there some kind of trick, caveat that I should be aware of? Is this AGP version limited to 82.12 only? TIA :)

01-21-06, 09:29 AM
It may have to do probably with the inf file of the drivers, try some moded ones, wich usually have the file changed to allow it's use in all cards. Or wait until nVidia releases new WHQL/BETA drivers, that will cover this card.

01-21-06, 01:36 PM
I have the same problem with the same card. Won't work with the 81.98 drivers from nvidia.com, although I haven't tried the drivers on the CD. Can anyone recommend a good set of recent beta drivers? I've been out of the driver loop for a while now.

01-22-06, 06:21 AM
only the 82.12 beta drivers will work with 6800gs agp....;)

01-23-06, 06:22 AM

01-23-06, 01:04 PM

Its probably just an INF issue like everyone pointed out. NVIDIA stated in their 82.12. release highlights on nZone.com that 82.12 was the first driver to support 6800 GS. I'm sure they will continue to support that driver in newer drivers they publicly release.

01-23-06, 01:19 PM
Jeeze, now that i think about it, Nvidia have not released any new drivers for over a month now! I am getting very impatient....:( :thumbdwn:

01-23-06, 05:26 PM
Thats correct, the 82.12 drivers are the only ones for the 6800GS AGP