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01-21-06, 08:17 AM
The AMD 3500+ Venice has a maximum temperature of 65C-75C, which I find more difficult to understand than most of the others which have a single temp given. Why the range, instead of a single number?

Another aspect that I'm not clear on, is that in some of the articles that I have read about this temperature, made it sound as though a temperature nearing 40C while loaded, was too high, yet the Asus Probe, which monitors these parameters, only allow setting a temperature threshold of 54C. I'm attempting to get a handle on exactly what limits that I need to set. So far, I have not overclocked anything, and the temperature is running about 32C at idle, and about 39C loaded.

01-21-06, 09:32 AM
for me, if you hit 60C, youre temps are too high. i idle in the high 30's and hit mid 50's with both cores at 100%. i hit high 40's when just one core is at 100%.

dont worry about the range, just stay at mid 50's (which is too high for some other ppl) or below and youll be fine.