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01-21-06, 08:57 AM

I had some trouble with a new HD on my Intel system that I wanted to share and also to ask some advice. I've been researching the new SATA HDs for a while now, mostly at Storage Review. And it seemed to me that my best bang for the buck sat with the new WD4000KD SE16 SATA 400gb. I ordered one and attempted to install it last night, but ran into a boat of trouble getting it to work on my ICH5R SATA channels. Stupid me thought it would be a no-brainer operation - I've done plenty of systems and lots of HD changes over the years, but had never used SATA. Anyway, I go through all the paces from info at the WD site - set the jumper to support legacy SATA150 mode (weird that they suggest this on an apparently native SATA150 drive..), etc. Nothing works. So, I hit up the Abit forums, follow all the guidelines for BIOS setup (which I was doing right anyway), and behold! Apparently there are folks having problems with this HD on Abit Intel 875P mobos. All with similar trouble. Can't get them past the post screen, sometimes can't even get into the BIOS.

So, I am attempting to send the drive back (zipzoomfly) as incompatible. Does anyone have any advice for a new SATA HD that would work well with my setup? My criteria is that it has to be compatible with my Abit IC7-G's native ICH5R SATA channels, have as good performance as I can get, cost no more than $200 (+/-), and have at least 300gb of space. I've been looking at the Seagate 7200.8 series and WD3200s, but am a bit unsure now because this last one had similar specs and didn't work out.

Some sys specs:
Abit IC7-G (I875P)
P4 3.0b
2gb Corsair XMS 3200
6800GT 256mb

Any advice is greatly apreciated!!! I'm really bummed this drive did not work out. I was pumped to get it setup. It's going to replace an older 100gb WD IDE drive that has 2mb cache.


01-21-06, 09:00 AM
some links for those who are interested: