View Full Version : SLI and Water-cooling, we meet at last

01-21-06, 09:09 AM
I've already decided with an absolute certainty that as well as picking up another card for SLI, I am also going to setup water-cooling for my rig. The only problem is that I'm an extreme noob when it comes to brands and what-not, so I was wondering if any of you H20 geniuses can help me out with what I should go with. Rig is in sig below plus the second XFX card which will be added very soon.

01-21-06, 09:23 AM
I'd rather have it be completely internal, kind of like this Aquian ICM-510 from Koolance: http://www.koolance.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=244

Thoughts? Critiques?

Capt. Picard
01-21-06, 09:25 AM
I'm afraid your going to have to wait. The Americans that make up 99% of this forum, are still sleeping (recovering from their Friday night-out).

01-21-06, 09:31 AM
Yes, I know. Its a bit of an unfortunate side affect of living in Alaska (I'm American as well), but I'm used to it. I've got lots of patience. :D

01-21-06, 11:51 AM
I'm awake! I wish i wasnt though.... But yah, I hear good things about the koolance Exos

01-21-06, 12:13 PM
You can't beat the Koolance products...they are great kits for both performance and ease of installation.
Get to it _fLak_ :)

01-21-06, 12:55 PM
I'm afraid your going to have to wait. The Americans that make up 99% of this forum, are still sleeping (recovering from their Friday night-out).
lol just woke up from another nap.
flakmonkey you have some balls putting water coolling on your sli rig. The thought of maintaining water over my delicate components makes me cringe.
What is the maintenance on these things anyways? do you have to flush out the water ever so often and is there a high occurance of leaks?

01-22-06, 12:21 PM
My secondary rig, P4 3.0 Northwood and 6800GT, is watercooled. I saw the Innovatek HTSC radiator and had to get it


I just added that to a standard Innovatek kit minus their standard radiator and added a cooling block for the 6800GT.

So my rig isn't all internal. The only maintenance i have is to check the reservoir every six months or so and top it off with a little distilled water. I have never had any leaks. You usually test for leaks before you power on your pc. Just assemble the wc in your case, then run the pump for a day without running power to the pc. Most kits have blocks for the main power connector that allow you to do this.

I have heard nothing bad about Koolance. Should be fine. I just wonder what kind of temps you'd get cooling *two* video cards, not to mention cpu cooling.