View Full Version : GTX512 Pcie+Asus A8N32= random freezes

01-25-06, 03:38 AM
Hi all, Im newbie here and my first post is a problem :( .
I have a random freezes in D3D games like Fear or 3d mark in OGL no problems, Quake4 runs fine but D3D is very sadly with random freezes.
In my sign You can see my specs, this problem is new becasue before there isnt a problem, the psu is good becasue after the GTX 512 I had a pair of 6800GT in SLI mode.
Any solution ? Im desesperate, I read the post of " 6800ultra random freezes" but no solution, my vga is Pcie and the fastwrites is disabled I supposed.
Im tried with no OC in the cpu and is the same....same f***** problem is there :thumbdwn:

Thank you for your replies :) .

01-25-06, 03:40 AM
Have you tried running your CPU at stock clocks?

01-25-06, 04:18 AM
Have you tried running your CPU at stock clocks?

Yes Im running at stock clocks and the same problem :(
the gpu temp at full load are 75C, cpu 40 and the Mb are 45-48C at full load. I have a Watercooling sytem in the CPU, Inside the case are two fans 8cm.

Thank you.

01-25-06, 01:37 PM
Which drivers are you using? And do you have the latest chipset drivers from nV?

01-25-06, 03:18 PM
Thanks for your replies jAkUp

The problem is the soundcard TERRATEC.
Im unplugged the soundcard and running like a F1 (nana2) :) uffffff problem solved.
Im enable the onboard sound :o . Maybe tomorrow plug a ancient soundblaster live value.


01-27-06, 03:58 AM
Im fire the terratec soundcard and I bougth Soundblaster X-fi and great sound and zero problems with games.:D :)

01-27-06, 12:10 PM
Congrats on finding the problem. Random freezing can be tough to track down.

01-27-06, 09:58 PM
Yea random freezing could be alot of things... very hard to pinpoint.