View Full Version : Problems with Burners!

01-25-06, 02:57 PM
Hey all:

I have 2 burners, Both Liteons. One is a dvd+r burner and the other is a dvd/cdr combo. over the last month both burners have been acting strange. the dvd+r burner will not read any cds and will not burn any cd's. It reads and burns DVD's just fine. the other drive reads cd's (although slow to recognize them, makes whinning noises and clicks and then sees the disks, mostly)and while it reads dvd's, is severely picky. some dvd's play some dont. Also it will not burn cd's.

I've been using nero and nothing burns except dvd's on the dvd burner (neither drive senses cdr's when using nero). I tried a freeware burner last night and it burned cd's! so what could be the problem? is a reinstall of nero all I need? does this sound like a hardware or software problem to you?

01-26-06, 01:03 AM
Nero's aspi seems like it can become corrupt and malfunction just reinstall it