View Full Version : Where's the Copperhead Pro-Tools Kit???

01-27-06, 12:37 PM
Anyone else that remember Razer specifically saying the Pro-Tools kit for the Copperhead was coming out soon after the release of the mouse?

Well it's been months, does anyone know about information regarding this? Can Razer ever meet a deadline?

They released pictures of the craptacular (IMO) Tarantula keyboard a week ago but what about the toolkit for the copperhead!?

01-27-06, 01:54 PM
Have you looked at their online store to see if it was in stock there?

01-27-06, 02:18 PM
It's not there. :(

01-27-06, 03:16 PM
I've been wondering about this Pro Tools Kit aswell.
And I can't find any info about it on the web-site

01-27-06, 05:10 PM
if it takes as long to get out as the x64 beta drivers did, youll be waiting til next year sometime. :(

their support sucks imo